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New Type Drum Flavoring Machine

Release Date: Apr-26, 2017
seasoning food professional machine
Flavoring material adopts screw fixed conveying, advanced flavoring system guarantee flavored evenly, speed of screw are adjustable. Rotary roller adopts complete molding without dead angle. Mainly used to process the potato chips, and other snacks,etc.

Material put inside the roller, it’s moved upper by the mixing blade, drop from upper part and mix with the condiment. Make sure there is enough condiment inside the dusting power box, please put inside some when little condiment left.

1. The seasoning machine is suitable for the food industry, used for potato chips, potato chips, Fruit Chips or other materials to mix with flavor.
2. It has characteristics of simple structure is simple, safe-to-use
3. Rotary roller adopts complete molding without dead angle.

This device consists of support, roller, roller transmission system, dusting powder system, dusting powder transmission system and switchboard.

We also have the related flavoring machine for you choose, such as octagon flavoring machine, the food seasoning processing line, the line not only used for peanut, fried food, but also pet food.
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