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Reliable Machine To Wrap Perfume Boxes

Release Date: Jan-26, 2018
The perfume boxes cellophane wrapping machine is widely used in the packaging of drug boxes. It can play the effect of moistureproof, dustproof and anti-counterfeiting, and also benefit the packaging level of progressive commodities and advance the added value of commodities.

Features of cosmetic box wrapping machine:
1: The layout is compact and reasonable, the function is stable and advanced, and the operation protection is succinct.
2: Use multi-function digital display inverter, packaging speed can be stepless speed change;
3: Mold replacement is convenient and sensitive.
4:Transmission is provided with various protective devices and hints of fault.
5 :The new model can be planned according to the demand of the user.

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automatic realiable machine to wrap perfume boxes
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