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Wafer Cone Maker Machine For Small Shop

Release Date: Nov-06, 2017
Over the years, the consumption of ice cream has been steadily increasing. As lifestyles change and eating habits change, this trend will continue in the future. In addition, ice cream has been greatly welcomed as a dessert. Young people, including students, prefer to use cones instead of bowls of ice cream.

Most consumers prefer a cup or cone ice cream. Eating in a paper cup takes a spoon to eat, and handling is a problem. But in the case of cones, there is no need to use a spoon, they eat with ice cream. Therefore, starting an ice cream cones business is a lucrative business for small entrepreneurs.

Semi-automatic ice maker making machine, using flour as raw material, making beautiful shape, edible puffed ice cream cone. It is the ideal food container and equipment.
The ice cream cone machine is divided into the upper mold and the lower mold.The mold through the thermostat knob when the temperature is adjusted for the first time, the temperature rises, the lower the mold is closed.Poured into paste, and then the upper and lower mold together, the cone can be modeled after 2 minutes.Pulling two molds, the ice cream cone will automatically fall into the following channels and slide out.

ice cream cone maker machine for small shop
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