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GELGOOG See A Movie Togather

Release Date: Jun-28, 2017
Yesterday afternoon, we GELGOOG all the staff to see the film, because the road is near, so we went to the cinema together, the relevant staff are behind us, to ensure that no one is left behind. Arrive at the movie, we were shocked at the scene, the screen in the hall all is a sign of GELGOOG, and also there is a message: Don't forget your original intention, the way forward. Suddenly, we feel that book a whole cinema is really!

At the time, we entered the studio, find the seat to sit down. Before see the movie, we see GELGOOG company small video, the history of the company, from the beginning of establish to development the scale of the present, and everyone in the company summed up a word for their 2016, finally is our general manager Lee summary words. Speaking when beginning to build  GELGOOG encountered the difficulties, we are brave enough to come, but also not forget the early heart, continue to move forward. I hope GELGOOG will go farther and farther. 

see movie

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