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Full Automatic Finger Chips Machine Video

Release Date: Jun-29, 2018
Full automatic finger chips making machine is one of most popularity machine.  The finger chips machine consisit from potato washing and peeling machine to ,potato finger chips cutting machine and to potato chips packing machine. These is a finger chips machine video for you.

Potatoes are converted into different commercial products, and are sold by large multinational companies, medium-sized and small local units in India. Demand for potato chips and other potato products is increasing every year as people's purchasing power grows.

Scope of application of the finger chips machine: fresh potatoes, can also be used for other root vegetables, such as sweet potato, purple sweet potato, taro, cassava, banana, banana, etc.
Automatic electric flat wavy potato chip making machine

Final products: fried potato chips (flat and wavy), potato chips, sticks, wavy chips, wavy sticks, chips, can also be adjusted to produce frozen French fries. The final product can be directly sold to the market through semi-automatic packer or automatic packaging machine.

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automatic finger chips machine video
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