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Where to Buy Ice Cream Cone Maker

Release Date: Jul-02, 2018
Our wafer ice cream cone making machine can be design according customers demands. The wafer ice cream cone  machine is from the base and the top cover, with four pillars to form a whole, the first two columns as a guide pillar, the base is the mold installation benchmark, while carrying the full weight of the ice cream cone maker machine, the roof is on the mold Installation base, mold set below the slide, is conducive to finished product collection.
What is your ice cream cone maker ?
1: the electrical box at the bottom of the rack, behind the electric box stood heavy hammer
 2. Mold: by the mold, the next model and control the composition of the rack
 3. Electrical parts: electronic control components concentrated in the rack below the drawer, loose screws can be pulled out as a whole.
Design Wafer Ice Cream Cone Shape According Customers Demands.
1. You can mark your brand mark on the ice cream cone.
2. According to your favorite style for your personalized design.
3. Can be customized several other styles of mold.

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