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Release Date: September-19,17
We Gelgoog Company is cellophane wrapping machines supplier in china which provide you the all kind of cellophane wrapping machines. The autoamtic cellophane wrapping machine is multifunctional, wildly used in cosmetic box,medicine box,play card,business card,coffee box,soap,perfume box and so on.

Automatic cellophane wrapping machine product description:
1. Compact and reasonable structure, stable performance and advanced, easy operation and maintenance;
2. The use of multi-function digital inverter, variable speed;
3. Mold replacement is convenient and flexible;
4. With automatic feeding, automatic counting and other functions;
5. Transmission part of the various types of protection devices and fault tips;
6. With test machine to send the film clutch, do not waste packaging materials.

automatic cellophane wrapping machines manufacturer

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