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Cellophane Wrap Machine With High Quality

Release Date: Dec-12, 2017
Automatic cellophane wrapping machine with high quality mainly used for square box-packaged things, such as the decorative packaging industry medicine, food, daily chemicals, cosmetics, rubber video products, and so on. For example, medical boxes, chewing gum, health products, tea leaves, sugar cubes, condoms, eraser, mosquito coils, cigarettes, tapes, VCD discs, poker, soap, square batteries, floppy disks and the like. Its anti-moisture anti-falsification features also increase product quality and added value. It combines a box packing machine with a code jet machine.

Our the cellophane wrapping machine with high quality advantages:
Perforation system to achieve the desired pumping system can be installed
Preprinted cellophane correction unit, preprinted cellophane
Print and apply cellophane Print an essay on cellophane
Tear tape module, easy to open the cigar package.

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automatic cellophane wrapping machine with high quality
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