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Automatic Cigarette Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine China Manufacturer

Release Date: Jun-04, 2018
We are automatic box cigerette cellophane wrapping machine manufacturer in china.  The automatic cigarette box cellophane packaging machine is broadly used for automatic film packaging (with gold tear tape) of many single box products.Adopt the new double protection device, no require to stop, other components will not be broken due to the missing step with the machine.The original single side manual swing device prevents the machine from shaking and keeps the handwheel from rotating though the machine continues to operate to ensure the security of your operator.When the mold requirements to be replaced, there's no require to adjust the height with the workstations on each sides of the machine, and there is no require to assemble or disassemble the material discharging chain and discharging hopper.If you need cellophane wrapping machine, contact us freely.Email: gz@gelgoog.com.cn. 
Box cellophane wrapping machine introduction:
Cellophane overwrapping machines are designed to wrap merchandise envelopes process, together with the possibility of applying a tear tape to uncomplicated eliminate the film. Overwrapping machines are made to wrap products of cuboid shapes
using the polypropylene film or paper.
The aircraft system for cellophane PVC and BOPP films for different specifications square cardboard boxes, packaging equipment for general purpose three-dimensional packaging. Transparent paper (film) with a holographic laser printed with graphic or logo seal pull off, after pasting stickers can be easily finished off the sealing and security functions.
The cigarette cellopahne wrapping machine is widely apply with all kinds of box like products to be overwrap transparent film, such as health products, nutritional supplements, food, cosmetics, stationery, VCD tapes, cards, cigarettes, etc. It is an ideal cassette dimensional packaging equipment.
Automatic cellophane wrapping machine features:
Compact and affordable structure, steady and advanced performance, quick operation and maintenance; two. Multi-function digital display converter, stepless speed variation; three. Conveniently Machine mold replacement , only requires 40 minutes ; 4. With automatic feeding, automatic counting, photoelectric tracking 5. The transmission aspect is equipped with several kinds of protection devices and faults alarming technique; 6. No packaging No film, inspection of consumables will not waste packaging supplies. Gear added functions are readily available: for instance ,Date Printer, Automatic Feeder. And so on.
Automatic Cigarette Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine China Manufacturer
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