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Broad Bean Frying Line Process

Release Date: Oct-30, 2017
Fried broad bean peas in our lives, widely loved by the people.Today I will introduce the process of fried bean frying line processing:
The raw materials are clean grade,soaking,peeling,dewater,frying, deoiling,seasoning,packing.
1. choose the size of uniform, not mildew, remove impurities, small particles, remove dirt, wash broad beans, washed after classification according to the level.
2. soak the pretreated faba bean at room temperature for about 30 hours. After this treatment, it is easy to peel.
3. remove the faba bean peel and then dehydrate the faba bean with a centrifugal dehydrator.
5. fry the dehydrated broad beans for 6 ~ 8 minutes (in actual production, the parameters of frying time, such as the quality, the temperature of the related oil), and the product is crisp.
6. use deoiling machine to remove the oil on the surface of fried faba bean.
7. add powder seasoning, seasoning with anise flavoring machine.
8. weighing and packing when the product is cooled as room temperature.

broad bean frying line processing process

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