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Automatic Continuous Nut Frying Machine Wildly Application

Release Date: Jul-21, 2017
Automatic continuous frying production line equipment  is widely used in nuts and legumes fried processing. (Such as beans, soybeans, green beans, peanuts, cashew nuts, walnuts, etc.)

Process: raw material conveying → frying (continuous filtration) → oiling → oil removal → automatic mixing material (quantitative additives) → cooling transport → packaging

The entire line of all stainless steel refining, can be achieved from raw materials into the finished product of the fully automated work, effectively improve production efficiency and significantly reduce the labor intensity, saving manpower. The production line using closed-loop heating method, optional coal, gas, oil and other heat sources, effectively alleviate the fried oil acid value increased to curb excessive peroxide value.
fried nut with automatic continuous nut frying machine
Appropriate consumption of nuts and other foods containing unsaturated fatty acids to lose weight of women to lose weight, the effect of maintaining the body is far more than all the fat food to lose weight is much better.

This is because the fat in the nuts will increase your sense of satiety, so after you eat some nuts, you will find yourself no appetite to eat more food.

At the same time, nuts contained in the fatty acids are unsaturated fatty acids, the body is necessary to resist the disease nutrients. And our bodies can not synthesize themselves, only from food.

If you eat more in the diet of some unsaturated fatty acids, reduce the intake of saturated fat, you can achieve the effect of weight loss, but also reduce the possibility of suffering from the disease.
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