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The 2023 Gulf (Dubai) Food Industry Exhibition was a Complete Success

Release Date: Nov-24, 2023
On November 9, the 2023 Gulf (Dubai) Food Industry Exhibition (GULFOOD MANUFACTURING) concluded successfully. Jelgug made a significant contribution to the exhibition this time.
gulf food manufacturing
At this exhibition, the company's CEO John was on hand to work with the marketing department, R&D management department, and exhibitor group partners to provide customers with an all-round display of fruit, vegetable, nut, and pastry processing solutions that are more in line with the Middle East market, from raw materials to finished products. , trends and other dimensions to provide customers with detailed introductions to solutions and completeness of delivery services, winning high recognition and widespread praise from customers.
dubai exhibition
From now on, the company's CEO John will lead his team members to carry out customer visits, market research and other activities in Dubai. We look forward to the company achieving more results during its trip to Dubai!
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