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Characteristics of Automatic Potato Chips,Dates Cashew Nuts  Granule Filling and Sealing Machine:
1, automatic bag making, metering, sealing, cutting, counting and so on.
2, the PID intelligent temperature control system is used, the temperature precision is positive and negative 1 degrees.
3, according to the needs of packaging quality testing, the quality can be detected after forming a small bag.
4, the touch screen and PLC control circuit, the performance is stable, and the parameters are adjusted without stopping.
5, the CNC technology is used to ensure that the heat sealing device is always in the open state after the shutdown.
6, special numerical control technology to ensure that the length of each package is within 0.3MM.

Precautions for automatic granule packing machine:
1. the packing speed and bag length can be adjusted within the rated range, without the need to replace the parts. The bag length can be set by the controller of the packing machine. The bag length can be driven by the stepping motor. The length of the bag can be replaced conveniently. The bag length is accurate and the operation is stable and reliable.
2., the heat seal body is controlled by four ways of heating. It can pre heat the sealing temperature, control the temperature automatically, ensure good heat balance, apply to all kinds of packaging materials,and ensure the sealing is tight,smooth and beautiful.
automatic granule filling and sealing machine

Technical Data



Packing Speed

40-80 Bags/min  |  40-65 Bags/min

Total Power


Measure Range

15-60g(can adjust)

Gross Weight


Bag Size Marking

L:40-140mm W:40-130mm

The Thickness of The Packing Film


Diameter of the Rolling Paper


Outsize Dimensions



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