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Application of automatic chips packing machine
It is suitable for soft food, snacks, sweets, chocolates, nuts, pistachio nuts, spaghetti, coffee beans, sugar, potato chips, Cereals, pet food, fruits, roasted seeds and other particles, rods, frozen foods, hardware and so on.

Main features of banana potato chips packing machine
1. the machine runs steadily.
2:The precision design of the electronic and pneumatic control system enables the machine to have high accuracy, reliability and stability.
3, high precision positioning servo double belt traction, stability of the transmission system:Perfect alarm system to solve problems quickly.
5:The automatic granule packing machine can make the pillow bag and stand bag (triangle bag) according to the customer's request. The machine can also be made from 5-12 bags, such as punching and pouches.
6., we can finish weighing or filling machine, such as multi scale, volumetric cup filling machine, screw filling machine or feeder conveyor, which can finish weighing, bagging, filling, date printing, loading (exhaust), sealing, counting and conveying finished products automatically.

automatic banana potato chips packing machine with low price

Technical Data



Packing Speed


Total Power


Measure Range


Bag Size Making


W: 80-220mm

Thickness Of Packing Film


Dia. Of Rolling Paper



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