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Small Scale Peanut Butter Production LineFeatures

Our the Small Scale Peanut Butter Production Line can process about 200 kilogram per hour. The peanut butter line require 5-6 workers, production and installation of space required for not less than 120 square meters; equipment to ensure a year. Our engineers will come to your factory to install the equipment, or we will send you the installation manual, you install it yourself.
small scale peanut butter production flow chart

We proivde you suitable solution according your ddetail requirement such as the capacity you need, your raw material peanut is roasted or not. 

Introduction of peanut butter production line:
1, roasting machine: it is used to roast peanuts.If your raw material is roasted peanut, then dont need the roasting machine.
2, conveyor: for roasted peanuts sent to the cooling conveyor.
3, cooling conveyor: cool peanut.
4, peeling machine: This machine is used to peanut peanut can also be divided into two halves.
5, the core and skin separator: is a professional separation peanut, peanut skin.

Application of the peanut butter production line:
The production of a variety of nut butter use, such as peanut butter, sesame paste, sesame paste, almond paste and so on.

Advantage of the small scalle peanut butter production:
All lines can be customized according to customer requirements, to complete the installation abroad. Technical support, and provide the order confirmation of the formula.

Small Scale Peanut Butter Production LineTechnical Data

No. Item Power
Dimension(mm) Qty
1 Roaster Machine 47.2 2900*2100*1650 1
2 Conveyor 0.75 3500*700*1200 1
3 Cooling Conveyor 3.7 8000*1000*1600 1
4 Peeling Machine 0.74 1100*400*1100 1
5 Sorting Conveyor 0.75 5000*800*1000 1
6 Elevator 0.75 1000*500*3400 1
7 Storage and Feeding Machine 0.55 700*700*2200 1
8 Grinder Machine 5.5*2 900*350*900 2
9 Storing Tank   200L 1
10 Paste Pump 2.2 1200*300*350 1
11 Mixer Tank (Interlayer cooling) 2.2 300L 1
12 Vacuum Degassing Tank     (Interlayer cooling type) 2.2 300L 1
13 Paste Pump 2.2 1200*300*350 1
14 Electric Control Cabinet      
15 Pipeline      

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