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Sacha Inchi Nuts Shelling MachineFeatures

The Sacha Inchi Nuts Shelling Machine is used for removing shells of sacha inchi.Sachet is a new type of oil nut derived from South America and is increasingly popular in the world.
1. This machine is used to classify nuts and then separate the shell and nucleolus.Shelled nuts will automatically return to the machine for the second shelling.
2. The whole set of equipment includes two parts: grading equipment and artillery equipment, which is mainly composed of feeding hopper, bucket elevator, huller, host screen section and electric control cabinet.

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sacha inchi nuts shelling machine with high quality

Sacha Inchi Nuts Shelling MachineTechnical Data

Power Cleaning and Sorting grope 5.21KW(380V)
Shelling and separating grope 8.54KW(380V)
Output capacity 200-300KG/H
Rate of perfect kernel  ≥ 95%
Residue Rate  ≤ 2%
Flour area Cleaning and Sorting grope 15M*3M
Shelling and separating grope 6.5M*3M
Installation height 4.5M

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