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Automatic Hemp Seed Dehuller Machine For SaleFeatures

Introduction of Hemp Seed Dehuller For Sale:
The kind of hemp seed dehuller for sale is mainly used for removing the shell of hemp seed,sunflower seed,pumpkin seed and so on,which is your best choose for processing the all kind of seeds.And the hemp seed huller machine has the high efficiency,if there has some seeds unshelled,then these unshelled seeds will be separated and returned to the sheller for automatic re-shelling.
Automatic Hemp Seed Dehuller Machine For Sale
Working principle of Hemp Seed Huller Machine:
The hemp seed dehuller machine uses a special double-shell shelling machine set, through the frequency conversion technology to achieve separate control of the sheller. The unique air return system allows the non-separating particles to automatically enter the next shelling cycle, thereby greatly improving the shelling efficiency.
And the unit can complete the intercropping, shelling, peeling, sorting and inspection of hemp seeds,which is the device of choice for processing cannabis seeds in the world today. The unit has high shelling rate, small core crushing, high degree of automation, convenient operation and maintenance, and low maintenance cost.

Advantages of Hemp Seed Huller Machine:
1.The shelling unit can remove the skin after the hemp kernel is husked, and a non-hulled granule can automatically return to the shelling shell again until it is completely removed. Since the first classification after shelling is adopted, the effect of shelling and sorting is good, the efficiency is high, the rice rate is high, and the integrity of the kernel is maximized.
2.The screening part adopts selected high-quality cold-rolled steel sheets, which can be used for a long time with very good quality.
3.The use of vibrating negative pressure sorting machine and screw unloading machine can greatly reduce the generation of dust, thus reducing the pollution to the surrounding environment.
4.The vibration source of the whole set of equipment is in the form of a vibrating motor. The equipment is easy to install and does not require a quick foundation.

Our service for Hemp Seed Dehuller For Sale:
1.Before delivery, we can test and adjust the machine according to the customer's requirements. Customers can also assign professionals to inspect our machines.
2.At the same time, we will give customers an English instruction manual and machine operation video to help customers better use the machine.
3.Our company has a one-year warranty on this machine. If quality problems occur during the warranty period, our company will provide free maintenance and technical support. In addition, our company also provides lifetime technical support and accessories, all accessories will be sold to customers at the best price.

Our hemp seed huller machine is now on sale with the most affordable price,so if you are looking for the machine,then you can contact me for more information about the hemp seed dehulling machine.

Automatic Hemp Seed Dehuller Machine For SaleTechnical Data


4.42kw (380v/50HZ)

Whole Kernel Rate

more than 95%



Space Occupied



3.2 m


1.5 t

Automatic Hemp Seed Dehuller Machine For SaleMessage

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