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Stick Hanging Noodle Production Line Low Temperature Dried

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  • 1 Set/Sets
  • Stick noodle,hanging noodle
  • Qingdao Port
  • The Stick Hanging Noodle Production Line take latest technology developed which can work out high quality stick noodles in in any weather conditions, low temperature drying line.

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The Stick Hanging Noodle Production Line take latest technology developed which can work out high quality stick noodles in in any weather conditions, low temperature drying line. 

Equipment structure and technological process 

full automatic stick hanging noodle production line The Stick Hanging Noodle Production Line take latest technology developed which can work out high quality stick noodles in in any weather conditions low temperature drying lineOne, flour mixing system. It is the first working procedure noodle production, the purpose is to add right amount of water in flour and other accessories, agitate the protein in wheat flour water absorption expansion, with toughness, elasticity, viscosity. The device has a single shaft mixer machine, biaxial mixer machine. 
Two, dough rolling, cutting system. Curing machine, compound machine, rolling machine, cutting machine, rod supplying machine, hanging machine six part together complete noodle forming stage. And good curing after 10 minutes, stirring of grains to make fully absorbing water, puffing formed wet gluten and made into composite rolling machine, press dough sheet to 0.8-0.2 mm. Through cutting knife, according to the different specifications of wet noodles cut into 0.8 to 3 mm, rod supplying machine put 2400-2600 - mm long noodles by hanging machine up to parallel chain stores. 

Three, automatic shelves end tail cut tidy device consists of hanging, trim noodle ends, cut, control cabinet. Noodles hung on steel bar are lifted to starting point of drying room, using integrated circuit control. Synchronously hung on  hanger of mobile drying device, end cutting machine costume on the starting point in the process of drying, cut down the noodle end  for recycling use at any time, due to cut into a certain length in advance before entering drying process, greatly reduced cracker dough head. 

Four, drying system. Drying system consists of drying operation main drive, steel structure of the cooling fan, moisture removal fan, steam heating tube, sensor, the temperature and humidity detection control instrument, electrical control and so on, 
Five, putting-down production system. This system consists of the putting-down parts, finished product tidy machine, cutting machine, control cabinet and so on, after 4 to 5 hours to dry.

Technical Data

No. Machine Model Quantity Technical Parameter
1 Brine metrology mixer YSH100 1set Power: 1.5kw
pump: 0.75kw,
Volume: 1000L/set
2 Supply metering device YSJ10 1set Pump:0.75kw,
Volume: 140 L,
3 Double speed dough mixer HMJ300 1set Motor power:13/16kw,
Capacity: 300kg/pot
  Falling powder bucket   1piece Stainless steel,made based on actual installation size
4 Curing machine JS300 1set Power: 0.75 kw(VVVF)+1.5kw,
5 Single continuous rolling machine MT9-85 1set Power: 7.5+11=18.5kw(VVVF)
Dough sheet: 550mm、
9 pairs steel roller
diameter of roller:φ395, φ300×2, φ248×2, φ180×2, φ162×2
6 After curing machine MS550 1set Power is provided by the host, curing ~ 10 minutes,
Vertical poles structure length 3.3 meters,(Or structure of horizontal belt length is 4.3 meters)
7 Hanging Stick Supplying Machine GT550 1set Power: 1.5kw(VVVF)
8 Cutting Tidy Machine JQ550 1set Power: 0.55kw
9 Chain Plate Drying Machine HF75 1set Main power: 1.1kw*2set(VVVF)
Drying time: about 4hours
Length of Steel wire: 500 meter
10 Automatic Hob Cutting Machine ZQM50A 1set Power: 0.8kw,
Noodle length: 130~290 mm.
11 Electric Control System   1set PLC control
  Total         power ~90kw


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