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Mini Automatic Instant Noodle Processing LineFeatures

Mini automatic instant noodle processing line  is a new generation of equipment researched and developed on the basis of similar products at home and abroad, combining with the demand of mass consumer market in China. It is with perfect technology, compact structure, novel design, stable and reliable performance. A complete automatic production from wheat flour to the finished product, high degree of automation, simple operation, moderate production, saving energy, covers an small area, investment is only about one over ten of the large equipment, has the characteristics of less investment, quick effect, especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals.
This corrugated instant noodles produced by this production line, has the good elasticity and gloss and transparency, the same as market popular large equipment.

Mini Automatic Instant Noodle Processing LineTechnical Data

mini automatic instant noodle processing line with 30000bags/8hours 60-70g/piece
NO. Name NO. Parameters
1 Salt and water mixing machine 1set Power:1.5KW
volume: 1000L
2 Salt water scaling equipment 1set Volume: 100L automatic water feeding and scaling, stainless steel
3 Flour mixing machine 1set Power: 5-6KW, 100KG/time, double speed, manual rotating opening door.
Note: If you stick 100kg/h, then one set of 100kg/h flour mixing also is ok.
Generally we suggest customer to buy 200kg/h model.
4 Disc curing machine 1set Power:2.2KW, tray size:¢1500X410
5 Composite continuous rolling machine 1set Roller width:260mm, 6groups rollers,
power: 5.5KW, Frequency control of motor speed,
stainless steel plate ∮270x1,∮216x1, ∮180x2, ∮126x2
6 Multi-layers steamed noodles machine 1set Length:10m, single layers steam inputting single, stainless steel, drived by cutting machine
7 Soaking and dewatering machine 1set Main power: 0.55KW, Frequency control of motor speed, flower discharging axles power:  0.25KW, fan: 0.13KW two sets
8 Square noodles Cutting and folding machine 1set Power: 2.2KW Frequency control of motor speed, flower discharging axles
power: 0.25KW
fan: 0.13KW 2sets.
Cutting speed: 42times/min, 2rows to 4rows
9 Frying machine 1set Motor: 2.2KW Frequency control of motor speed, pump: 5.5KW, gear pump: 2.2KW,
fan cutter: 2.2KW
40m2 spiral plate heat exchanger(1set)
Carbon steel plate,
1.5m3 oil stocking machine(one set), exhaust fan  power:1.1KW
10 Air cooling device 1set power1.5KW(offered by fryer),
exhaust fan:3KW (1set),
axial flow fan 0.25KW (4sets)
11 Variable  conveyor 1sets Motor: 0.37KW
12 Products conveyor 1set Motor: 0.37kw
12 Electric control cabinet 1set The main process adopts frequency control of motor speed, PLC program control
13 Accessories 1set

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