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High Quality Sugar Coated Nut Machine ManufacturerFeatures

The sugar coated peanut machine angle of the pan is 45 degrees. The inner wall of the cylindrical barrel is smooth, which can not only be used for making peanuts. Can also be used for rhombus, square material wrapped clothing.
Second, the working principle of sugar peanut coating machine:
The sugar coated nut making machine are rolling pan body, rack, drive system and other components, the cylinder barrel or variable barrel.The sugar peanut coating machine suitable for granular material coating operation. Transmission through the motor and reducer with the speed reduced to easy to operate speed. The inverter is equipped with a range of adjustments to the pan speed. Utilize the centrifugal force produced by the rotation of the tumbler to drive the material to rotate and fall down to the upper part of the tumbling pan to wrap the wrapped powder on the material with the viscous liquid.

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High Quality Sugar Coated Nut Machine ManufacturerTechnical Data

Name Coating Machine
Dia. Of pot 800-1200mm
Rotating Speed 28r/min
Power 0.75 kw
Capacity 10-30 kg/time
Size 1400*1200*1500 mm

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