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Pizza Cone Maker Supplier With 40 MoudlsFeatures

We are one of the cone pizza maker machine manufacturers in China,provide different pizza cone maker. This pizza cone maker machine is made of stainless steel.Operation more stable performance, one-button operation, produced speed.

1. The pizz cone mold material is aluminum, the surface is insulating material, to prevent sticking cone
2. Pizza tube mold size: 60mm * 145mm * 5mm 70mm * 160mm * 6mm
3. The temperature of the upper and lower molds can be adjusted according to the needs of the guests
4. Can be adjusted according to different recipes pizza cylinder mold temperature of the upper and lower mold
5. The machine has an automatic alarm device.

The pizza cone is a thermoforming machine. It shapes the base of the pizza in a conical shape and bake at the same time. Our pizza cone machines have different number of mold configurations. You are free to choose the output. This machine is easy to operate and requires only one skilled worker to operate this machine. You can read further instructions on how to use the pizza cone.

Conical pizza or pizza is a new concept popular around the world. The conical pizza is a specially designed takeaway food. It is estimated that pizza will occupy the 10% market in all takeaway markets in the near future.

The pizza cone machine for sale with best price, contact us if you need more machine information and want buy pizza cone maker. We also can provide you pizza cone maker video for you freely. We cone pizza cone maker supplier are trustworthy.

pizza cone maker for sale

Pizza Cone Maker Supplier With 40 MoudlsTechnical Data

Model GG40A
Capacity 40pcs/time
Pizza Cone Size Height12cm*dia.5cm*Thickness 5mm
Baking time 1-2min
Material of Machine Cast Iron Mould,Machine covered with carbon plate and stainless steel plate
Voltage 380V
Power 15-18KW
Dimension 1080*800*1440mm
Packing Size 1170*970*1550mm
Gross Weight 680kg

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