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Crisp Bowl Shape Ice Cream Cup Making MachineFeatures

Our the crisp bowl shape ice cream cup making machine,bowl shape ice cream cup size can be customer-made.
The full automatic line include oven,conveyor,counting system,and raw material feeding bucket.

The machine is driven by the 3phase power and baking oven is heating with gas(natural gas or liquid gas).
The producing ability is very high and it is all automatic from spraying the batter, baking, forming,falling off from molds,conveying products,stacking and counting.
We can design the different baking machines to make different types of sugar rolled cones as required by clients.
The same machine can make bowl-shaped cup with different specifications and shapes with changing the different molds

Crisp Bowl Shape Ice Cream Cup Making MachineTechnical Data

Model Dimension Drive Motor Air blower Gas Consumption Capacity(pcs/h) Weight
GG45*2-12W 8.5*2.2*1.73 1.5KW 1.1KW 6-7 kg 3500-4500 4800
GH7937-12B 7.05*2.2*1.73 1.5KW 1.1KW 5-6kg 2500-3500 4200
GG53-12W 7.6*2.2*1.73 1.5KW 1.5KW 8-10kg 2000-3000 4600
GG45-10W 6.6*2.2*1.73 1.5KW 1.5KW 6-7kg 1800-2300 4000
GG37-8W 5.8*2.2*1.73 1.5KW 1.1KW 5-6kg 1500-2000 3600

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